Global talent visa. For exceptionally talented & innovative individuals in the field of digital tech.

Key benefits


No sponsorship

No investment

5 year visa

ILR in 3 years

Do I qualify?

A digital tech visa; or global talent visa, is for experts in their respective field who want to work in the UK. The visa application is a two-stage process with the first stage being an endorsement application to the endorsement body, Tech Nation. Upon successful endorsement, you apply for the visa itself.

Tech nation criteria require applicants to demonstrate that they are recognised experts in their field or to show that they have demonstrated exceptional promise in their field as emerging leaders.

As part of the endorsement process applicant will be required to provide 3 letters of recommendation from experts in the digital technology field who are aware of the applicants’ achievements to date and be able to confirm the applicants’ innovation and significant impact in the digital technology field.

Upon successful endorsement an applicant will be able to apply for the visa itself. The applicant may also select the length of validity of the visa from 1 to 5 years depending on how much IHS fees the applicant wishes to pay upfront.

Any dependant children will have access to public schools, and the main visa holder and any family members will have access to the National Health Service. The visa holders spouse or partner may also be able to work in the UK or study without any restrictions.

Finally, an applicant and any dependant family members will be able to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK after a period of 3 years.


Do the recommendation letters have to be on letterhead?
No. But if this is possible then it is preferable.

Can my documents be more than 3 pages?
No! Documents longer than 3 pages must be split in to two files.

Can I show awards from my company?
No. Tech Nation disregards internal awards as they are not seen as impartial.

What documents can I show for innovation?
Anything. The main criteria is being able to document your innovation in the form of diagrams, code snippets or patent applications.

What documents can I show for significant contribution?
The same as innovation. Possibly. You must demonstrate the impact of your innovation if you the data for this.

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