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A sponsor licence is a ‘permit’ issued by the UK government to UK businesses enabling them to sponsor foreign workers for specific skilled positions.

Tap into the wealth of expertise within our team, comprising of seasoned lawyers, semi-retired barristers and data analysts. Our winning combo can mitigate any risk of your sponsor licence visa being refused.

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We’ll review your details and run the numbers using our proprietary AI system against 1000’s of successful previous applications.

If our initial analysis indicates at least 99% chance of success, one of our lawyers will reach out to schedule a consultation with you.


You work with a single adviser from draft stage to submission of your completed case file.


We make amendments and refinements to negate any potential refusal getting you the green light.

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Once your sponsor licence is approved we can help manage all aspects of your sponsor duties via the Home Office SMS system including Skilled Worker Visas for your employees.


A Sponsor Licence allows UK businesses to sponsor skilled workers from outside the UK for the Skilled Worker visa.

Standard processing takes around eight weeks, with a premium option for faster approval.

Yes, for failing to meet compliance obligations or sponsoring workers for unsuitable roles.

No there are no ongoing costs, but compliance may require professional support and record-keeping systems which may incure ongoing costs.

You must report it to the Home Office via the Sponsor Management System.

An immigration lawyers can ensure a complete and compliant application, minimise delays, and advise on potential pitfalls.


In the event that your application is refused we will resubmit for free. No other firm will make this commitment.

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