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Global Talent Visa UK Lawyers
– application processing time, documents, fees & how to apply

Relocate to the UK with your family under the global talent route. No English language test, job offer or maintenance is required. In addition to this an accelerated path to settlement of 3 years.

Tap into the wealth of expertise within our team, comprising of seasoned lawyers, semi-retired barristers and data analysts. Our winning combo can mitigating any risk of your Global Talent Visa being refused.

About the Global Talent Visa UK

To be eligible you should be in a field covered by the visa (Academia, Arts & Culture or Digital Technology) and you must also demonstrate exceptional talent or exceptional promise in your field as either:

  1. Established Talent (Leader), or
  2. Emerging Talent (Exceptional Promise)

The UK Global Talent Visa targets exceptional minds in science, arts, and tech. To qualify, you’ll need an endorsement from a relevant body proving your leadership or potential. Alternatively, winning a specific award can bypass the endorsement step.

The core documents required are:

  1. Passport
  2. TB certificate (certain nationals)
  3. Endorsement

The endorsement process for the UK Global Talent visa is a two-part procedure:

  1. Stage 1: Apply for endorsement with an endorsing body
  2. Stage 2 (if stage 1 is successful): Apply for the visa itself

Enjoy the following benefits on this route:

  1. Work without restriction or sponsorship
  2. Be employed or self-employed
  3. Absences of up to 6 months
  4. Family members can be included

Other important factors

Live & work freely in UK for years (with extension options. Once your visa is approved you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Work as you please without any need for sponsorship
  2. Work as a self-employed person
  3. Enjoy absences of up to 6 months
  4. Access to NHS healthcare

If your visa endorsement is rejected you can :

  1. Apply for endorsement review
  2. Resubmit with new evidence

You can make an online application to extend your visa. You will need to ensure that your endorsement from your initial application is valid by checking with your endorsement body.

Fees & timeframe

Stage 1 – Endorsement£524
Stage 2 – Visa application£192 for each applicant
StageProcessing time
Stage 18 weeks
Stage 23-8 weeks

Our Winning Formula

visa questions

01. Questionnaire

Fill in the interactive questionnaire at your leisure and provide some basic information so we can begin an initial assessment.

visa review

02. Review

We’ll review your details and run the numbers using our proprietary AI system against 1000’s of successful previous applications.

visa draft

03. Draft

You work with a single lawyer from draft stage to submission of your completed case file ensuring continuity & familiarity.

visa green

04. Green Light

We make amendments and refinements to negate any potential refusal getting you the green light on your Global Talent Visa.


No, unlike other visa routes, the Global Talent Visa doesn’t require a pre-existing job offer. You’ll need an endorsement from a designated body in your field instead.

Yes, you can bring your dependents (partner and children) by applying for dependant visas.

Our team comprising of seasoned lawyers, semi-retired barristers and data analysts can assist you with both stages of the application process ensuring a successful outcome.

An immigration lawyer can advise you on your appeal options and represent you throughout the process, increasing your chances of a successful outcome.


Should your endorsement application be denied, we will submit an endorsement appeal on your behalf for free. No other firm will make this commitment.

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