UK tech visa applications increase 48% in 2020

# 2 min read 03/12/2020
UK tech visa sees a 48% increase in a single year. Demand is expected to increase further in 2021 with the EU coming into the route.

UK tech visa applications have increased despite a Global Pandemic which has affected the travel industry like never before. Tech Nation has seen a 48% increase in UK Global Talent Visa applications in 2020. This could be largely due to a simplified digital application process in which applicants are required to apply using an online application system and upload their documents in digital formats.

Between November 2018 to November 2020, Tech Nation had received 1,975 applications with endorsements being given to applicants from 50 countries worldwide

52% of those endorsed last year are now employed in the UK top digital tech firms whilst 28% are founders of tech companies in the UK – that’s 421 founders of tech start-ups in the UK in 2020 alone.

The most common fields were app & software development, AI & machine learning and fintech. India, the US and Nigeria were the top three counties which received endorsements for exceptional talent.

Digital tech roles remain in high demand. Demand for AI skills has increased 111% in a two year period between 2017 to 2019 whilst Northern Ireland has seen an increase of 418% for demanding in AI jobs. The Tech nation visa is expected to help fill some of these labour shortages coming into 2021.

Stats were taken from the Tech Nation Visa Report which can be read in full here.

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