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# 4 min read 08/11/2023

A so called eVisa to become the new norm for UK visa holders as documents such as biometric residence permits (BRP) are set to be phased out by 31 December 2024.

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) is in the process of developing a digital immigration system, which involves replacing physical documents with an online record of your immigration status, known as an eVisa. The documents being replaced include

  • biometric residence permits (BRP)
  • biometric residence cards (BRC),
  • passport endorsements (such as indefinite leave to enter wet ink stamps), and
  • vignette stickers in passports (like entry clearance or visa vignettes)

Since 2018, millions of customers have received their eVisa online, for instance, through the EU Settlement Scheme.

What is an eVisa?

An eVisa serves as an online record of your immigration status and the conditions of your permission to enter or remain in the UK. To access and securely share pertinent information about your status with third parties like employers or landlords, you’ll need to register for a UKVI account. Transitioning from a physical document to an eVisa will not impact your immigration status or the conditions of your permission to enter or stay in the UK.

In the future, you will be able to use your eVisa for travel to the UK, eliminating the need to carry a physical document except for your current passport, which must be registered with your UKVI account. Until then, if you possess a physical document, you’ll need to continue carrying it.

The advantages of eVisas include:

  • enhanced security as they cannot be lost, stolen, or tampered with, unlike physical documents.
  • you won’t have to wait for or collect a physical document after your application is processed, although you may still need to provide biometric information in person (we will inform you if necessary).
  • it will be quicker and easier to prove your status at the UK border
Why do you need a UKVI account?

Registering for a UKVI account is necessary to access the view and prove service, enabling you to view and share your eVisa and information about your immigration status and conditions, such as your right to work or rent in the UK. You can also update personal details in your UKVI account, such as your contact information or current passport details, at no cost.

It’s crucial to keep your passport details up to date in your UKVI account and inform us of any changes. This ensures that your immigration status can be easily verified at the UK border. If you’ve notified us of a new passport and are waiting for confirmation of the update in your UKVI account, it’s advisable to carry your old document, if possible, to avoid unnecessary delays at the border.

How will you use your UKVI account?

You can utilize your UKVI account details to log in to the view and prove service and access your eVisa. Additionally, you can share your immigration status information with third parties, such as employers or landlords, by generating a share code in the view and prove service. This share code will grant them time-limited access to your immigration status information, eliminating the need to remember a single unique code.

Some government departments and other public authorities will automatically receive relevant information about your immigration status, reducing the need for you to interact with online services when proving your immigration status.

How can you obtain an eVisa and a UKVI account?

If you currently have permission to stay in the UK and possess a BRP, BRC, or other physical documents to prove your immigration status, there is no immediate action required. Throughout 2024, updates will be provided regarding when you need to register for a UKVI account and the steps involved.

If you need to make a new application for permission to stay in the UK, follow the standard application process. During your application, you’ll receive information and guidance on creating a UKVI account. Additional support for registering for a UKVI account will also be made available, with updates on this page.

Once your UKVI account registration is complete, you’ll be able to access your eVisa in the view and prove service if you have permission to stay in the UK.

[Source: GOV.UK]

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