UK Visas for Chinese nationals

2 min read 31/01/2013

The United Kingdom is open for business and tourism and China is one of the UK’s priority markets.

The UK has seen continual growth in visitor numbers from China, with the vast majority of those who apply not only getting a visa, but speaking highly of the service they receive when they do.

From 2010 to 2011 the UK saw 28 percent growth in visit visas issued compared to France, which saw 19 percent growth for the same period (Home Office statistics).

In 2011 the UKBA processed more than 283,000 visas from Chinese nationals worldwide (Home Office statistics).

These statistics show that visitors from China want to come to Britain and that the door is open for those legitimate visitors who wish to do so.

Key facts
  • The average length of a visa application form is 6 pages (including the disclaimer)
  • The average UK visa costs £81, which is multiple entry for 6 months to 5 years. The Schengen visa is only single entry and lasts for 3 months.
  • A visa to travel to China costs a UK citizen around £126.
  • The UKBA website and application forms are translated into Chinese and applicants have access to a Chinese language phone and email service.
  • The UKBA have around twice as many visa application centres in China than Schengen (European) countries.
  • The UKBA application system allows applicants to fill in forms and book appointments online.
  • For businesses the UKBA have set up a dedicated network of staff to support them with the visa application process.
  • From spring this year the UKBA will offer a service to some businesses where we will go to them to capture fingerprints of their employees travelling to the UK, to help speed up the system even further.

Source (UKBA Site)

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