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What is UAE business set-up?

This is the process of registering a company with a view to get UAE residence. There are two ways in which a non-Emirati can form a company in the UAE:Registering on the mainland. This route allows any foreign individual to set-up and operate a business from the mainland. With this option you trade licence will be issued by The DET (Dubai Economic Tourism). With a DET mainland licence a foreign individual can operate and trade anywhere in the UAE

Freezone: A freezone licence is issued by specific freezones in the UAE. With this type of licence foreign individuals can establish a business but will be restricted to trade withcompanies in their respective freezone. The exception to this is Meydan Freezone whose partnership with the DET allows for for activities to take place in the mainland.


It’s worth noting that the requirements and process for obtaining a residence visa for the UAE can be complex and vary depending on your specific circumstances. In general there will be 3 stages to process – the first stage will be to register legal entity and obtain the appropirate licence. This can be done remotely. The second stage will be to enter the UAE to undertake biometrics and a medical test. The final stage is issuance of the Emirates Residence Card.


Having gone through the process ourselves we understand what it takes. If you application for a licence is refused we will resubmit free of charge. We will also undertake to obtain the reasons for rejection so we can remedy them. Get in touch today.