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A UK spouse visa is for the husband or wife of a British or settled citizen in the UK.

Tap into the wealth of expertise within our team, comprising of seasoned lawyers, semi-retired barristers and data analysts. Our winning combo can mitigate any risk of your spouse visa being refused.

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We’ll review your details and run the numbers using our proprietary AI system against 1000’s of successful previous applications.

If our initial analysis indicates at least 99% chance of success, one of our lawyers will reach out to schedule a consultation with you.


You work with a single adviser from draft stage to submission of your completed case file.


We make amendments and refinements to negate any potential refusal getting you the green light on your spouse visa.

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This depends on your relationship status. A Spouse Visa is for those already married or in a civil partnership. A Fiancé(e) Visa allows you to get married/enter a civil partnership in the UK. A Civil Partner Visa functions similarly to a Spouse Visa but for existing civil partnerships.

A genuine, ongoing relationship with a settled UK resident, proof of meeting the financial requirement, proof you’ve met in person, and sufficient English language skills.

Marriage certificate (Spouse/Civil Partner), proof of engagement (Fiancé(e)), joint financial documents, tenancy agreements, communication records, and photos together are all helpful.

Your partner must meet a minimum income threshold ( £29,000 annually) or show alternative means of financial support such as savings.

A Spouse Visa allows immediate cohabitation, while a Fiancé(e) Visa is for those getting married/entering a civil partnership within 6 months of arrival.

Processing times can vary, but generally allow 3 months from the date of biometrics appointment.

The minimum income requirement for your sponsoring partner has significantly increased. As of April 11, 2024, it’s £29,000, with further increases planned later in 2024 and early 2025. It’s recommended to check the UK government website for the latest figures.

While not mandatory, a lawyer can offer guidance and ensure your application meets all the requirements and help you avoid a refusal.


We’ve never had a spousal visa refused. In the event that your application is refused we will refund our fees. No other firm will make this commitment.

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