Migrating to Canada in 2021

# 2 min read 23/02/2021
Each year hundreds of thousands of people consider migrating to Canada. The government has now issued plans to welcome over 400,000 migrants in 2021.

Migrating to Canada through the Express Entry system can be tricky as Canada has systematically set out their agenda of welcoming over 400,000 immigrants in 2021.

The Department of Immigration has started 2021 with a flying start. On 19 February 2021; the IRCC held an unprecedented Express Entry draw with the lowest CRS requirement in history. There were 27, 332 invitations issued with the minimum CRS score being just over 100. The draw was for Candidates under the Canadian Experience Class.

Alongside the CEC Draws, there were targeted draws from Candidates who received a nomination from a Provincial Nomination Program. The sheer number of ITA’s that were issued was more than triple what is what at the same time in 2020.

With all this, it goes without stating that Canada has committed to early targets of welcoming a high number of newcomers through the Express Entry programs in 2021. Bearing in mind the IRCC will welcome both skilled and trades workers when travel restrictions are lifted. This is in line with the Government’s proposed plan for everyone in Canada that wants a vaccine to get one by the end of September 2021.

A final thought when deciding when is the best time to submit a profile, consider the fact that the process can take several months to receive an ITA (invitation to apply). Canada’s promise for newcomers is huge, so we can only expect to see much larger Entry draws that may even have lower CRS requirements.

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