Major changes to the UK immigration rules

23 March 2014

Major changes to the UK immigration rules have been presented to Parliament. On the March 13, 2014 a Statement of Changes was laid before Parliament and bring about significant changes to the current system. Changes to the Points Based System are as follows:

Tier 1 General:

This visa category was closed in April 2011 for all new applicants. From April 2014, migrants who are in the UK under this category will still be abled to apply for further leave to remain, but only until 6 April 2015. Between April 2015 and April 2018, only applications for settlement will be accepted under this category and the route will cease permanently in April 2018.

Tier 1 Entrepreneur: 

A highly popular visa category for entrepreneurs and businesspeople looking to invest in the UK. Under the current UK immigration rules, an applicant required to provide a third-party letter for funds which are held ina joint account with a spouse/partner. From April 2014 this will no longer be required.

Tier 2 General:

Another highly popular work visa category for migrants with a job offer in the UK. From April 2015 it will be possible for applicants to be granted a 5 year work visa with an increase visa fee – at present the maximum grant is 3 years.

Age requirement for Tier 1 Investor and Tier 1 Entrepreneur:

At present there is no agre requirement under these visa categories. From April 2014 an age requirement of 16 will be introduced.

Maintenance requirement: 

The level of maintenance required for main applicants and dependants will be increase from April 2014 An increase of between £90 to £210 will appy over and above the current levels.