London Businesses still fear UK Immigration Cap

# 2 min read 16/11/2011

Following reports, it seems that UK based businesses and employers are still concerned that tougher restrictions could be brought in to stem the flow of migrants from outside of the UK and also make it harder for employers to attract talent from abroad

The report by the City of London Corporation found that some firms could move abroad to places such as Denmark, Norway, India, China & Canada and could also go some way to explain why countries in the European Union have seen larger numbers of migrants than in recent years. It would appear the UK government is proposing that the UK is ‘full’.

Under the current rules, Tier 2 sponsored skilled worker visas are limited to 20,7000 for the financial year – these are set aside on a month-by-month basis. The capital claims that company ambitions are being strangled by stringent quotas and laws.  Industries such as IT, life sciences and the arts, who rely on talent from abroad, could suffer ten-fold in years to come if the government achieves aims to bring numbers down into the ‘tens of thousands.’

The Corporation’s policy chairman, Stuart Fraser, said:

“A predictable operating environment for business is essential in planning business investment and promoting economic growth.

“If UK immigration is to be capped, we must find a way for the UK’s businesses to attract the international ­talent they need. Uncapped intra-company transfers remain one such method.”

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