Indian student numbers in decline following tougher UK immigration rules

# 2 min read 21/08/2012

The number of international students from India coming to the UK has seen a sharp decline amid reports coming in from educational agencies and schools. The UK was a popular choice with international students from India, but tougher rules and the cancellation of the post-study work visa is seen as the UK effectively closing its doors.

International students from India are now more likely to consider Canada or Australia to pursue their studies over the UK. Both countries have student friendly immigration policies, which allow them to work following the completion of their degree.

Closure of Tier 1 Post-Study Work

The closure of the Tier 1 Post-Study Work route will prevent students from remaining in the UK to look for following the completion of their degree. Without doubt this is the biggest change which will discourage many future international students from coming to the UK to study.

The Tier 1 Post-Study Work visa meant that students were able to work full-time and without sponsorship for two years following the completion of their studies. This was vital for students who could work and begin to pay back loans, cover living expenses and begin their careers. The closure of the route will undoubtedly mean that students will find it financially impractical to cover these costs in the long-term and so universities in the UK are likely to lose out to their foreign counterparts in Australia, Canada and USA – all of whom have attractive propositions for international students.

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