Chinese IT experts at top of UK global talent visa approval ratios

# 2 min read 07/12/2020
Chinese IT experts were approved a UK Global Talent Visa Endorsement at a higher percentage than any other nationality, new data reveals.

The Tech Nation report revealed that India, the US and Nigeria were the top three countries where the largest number of exceptional talent has come from into the UK digital technology sector utilising the Global Talent Visa route. 

Figures in the Tech Nation report revealed that whilst the number of Chinese IT expert nationals applying to work or invest in the UK digital tech sector fell between 2019-20, they also enjoyed a higher rate of endorsement approval than any other nation. Russian nationals applying for the visa endorsement also saw a higher rate or approval. 

Data from the report showed that of the 77 Chinese nationals who applied for tech endorsement under the Global Talent Visa route, 86% were approved, whilst applicants from Nigeria had the lowest rate of approval with only 30% securing endorsement.

Applicants from Russia enjoyed a 63% approval rate, whilst only 39 % of applicants from India were approved.

Over the past two years, more than 1,975 applicants have applied for Endorsement with Tech Nation; the Home Office approved body for digital tech applicants.  In that time-frame they have endorsed 920 applicants from 50 countries worldwide.

Stephen Kelly, chair of Tech Nation said: “The UK has long been a country shaped by people from all parts of the world. An historic trading nation, the country’s industrial and cultural DNA has been built on the basis of openness to people from all backgrounds – truly a multicultural melting pot. This is what gives the UK strength in 2020, in the face of challenges, we pull together the vast range of expertise, of work experience, and national heritage to forge a path for the future.”

Tech Nation recorded an increase in demand for AI skills of 111% in a two year period between 2017 to 2019. The Tech nation visa is expected to help fill some of these labour shortages coming into 2021.

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