UK visitor visa. For visa nationals who wish to visit the UK for a short-term period.

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Visa restrictions

No working rights

No studying

No access to public funds

Limit of 180 days stay in a year

Do I qualify?

A UK visitor visa entitles a visa national visit the UK for a short-term period. The visit can be for general tourism, visiting family or to conduct business such as meetings or training. The applicant will need to show they have the funds to cover the cost of the trip as well as the intention to return at the end of their visit.

Applicants may apply for a visitor visa for the UK with a validity of 6 months, 2 years, 5 years or 10 years. If this is an applicants’ first time visiting the UK then it is advisable to apply for a 6 month validity first.

Applicants may be sponsored by friends or family in the UK but they must have strong ties to their home country to show their intention to return.

A visitor visa for the UK maintains one of the highest rates of refusal as many visa applicants make the application themselves or using unregulated agents. Don’t make the same mistakes and use a regulated visa expert such as Visa Positive for your application.

Visa Application Fee£95 – 6 months
Visa Application Fee£361 – 2 years
Visa Application Fee£655 – 5 years
Service FeeFrom £350
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