Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Policy

Last updated on March 17, 2022

Coronavirus is still prevelant in the UK but it appears that it is something that the UK public will have to learn to live with. To ensure we all stay healthy and minimise risk, we ask that you be prepared, be careful, and be considerate. We will review this policy and keep it updated in future. Since Monday 21 March 2022 we still continue to impose the following safety measures.

  1. In-person meetings will be available by appointment only and can be canceled last minute due to government guidance or further outbreaks. This applies to all new and existing clients. The majority of our communication will continue to be conducted via telephone, email, video calls & WhatsApp.
  2. All existing clients will be required to send us documents by electronic methods only. We continue to maintain that we will no longer be handling physical documents. Electronic delivery methods can be discussed with your caseworker.
  3. For any face-to-face meetings, we kindly ask you, our client, not to shake hands with our staff, to stand/sit at least 1 meters from us, and to not touch our personal items such as phones, laptops, and alike.
  4. If you have any signs of Coronavirus please inform us immediately before or after any face-to-face meetings. If you develop any of the Coronavirus symptoms before any in-person meeting please do not attend our offices.
  5. We may undertake temperature checks prior to any in-person meeting.

Thank you for your understanding. This is to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff. No exceptions will be made to the above.