Consultation on fees and charging, immigration and visas

19 November 2013

The government has announced a consultation looking at charging principles which begins on 12 November and will last for 3 weeks.

The purpose of this consultation is to look at options for ensuring those who benefit directly from the immigration system and enhanced border control contribute appropriately to its costs in the future. The UK Home Office are keen to hear from their partners and welcome views and opinions on the topics in this consultation.

Topics covered within the consultation are as follows:

  • simplifying fee structure
  • fee levels
  • legislation
  • premium and optional services
  • Border Force
  • commercial partnerships
  • refunds and administration fees, and
  • wider impacts

Responses will help the UK Home Office to decide how to use charging powers to set appropriate immigration fees in the future and shape thinking on the need for different products and services.

For further details on this consultation, including the written ministerial statement and consultation document, see the GOV.UK website.