Changes to UK visa application forms

25 October 2013

The UK Home Office is publishing new versions of the following UK visa application forms for use on or after 28 October 2013:

  • SET(BUS) – settlement (overseas business representative or retired person of independent means)
  • SET(DV) – settlement (victims of domestic violence)
  • SET(F) – settlement (children of British citizens or people settled in the UK)
  • SET (LR) – settlement (long residence in the UK)
  • SET(M) – settlement (marriage)
  • SET(O) – settlement (other)
  • Guidance notes for the SET(BUS), SET(LR), SET(M) and SET(O)

All these forms are for use by applicants who are already in the UK.

You should use the new forms if you apply on or after 28 October 2013. However, the Home Office will continue to accept applications made on previous versions of these forms up to and including 18 November 2013.

If your application is received on or after 28 October 2013 you will need to meet the revised Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK requirements, and send evidence of that.

For details of the new requirement please see the Changes to the knowledge of language and life requirements for settlement and naturalisation document on this website.